Greenwald: The Media are the Government’s Lapdogs

Here’s a summary of Glenn Greenwald’s address to a computer conference in Germany.

“It really is the central view of certainly American and British media stars, that when — especially people with medals on their chest who are called generals, but also high officials in the government — make claims that those claims are presumptively treated as true without evidence. And that it’s almost immoral to call them into question or to question their voracity,” he said.

“Obviously we went through the Iraq War, in which those very two same governments specifically and deliberately lied repeatedly to the government, to their people, over the course of two years to justify an aggressive war that destroyed a country of 26 million people. But we’ve seen it continuously over the last six months as well.”

One doesn’t have to look too far to find a complacent media here in El Paso. With the exception of a few teevee stations, most of El Paso’s media outlets just report the current mantra of our beneficent elite. No one questions their motives or methods. Even when the local government suppresses access to government documents, our major daily just rolls over and asks to get its belly scratched.

Of course, that the major media advances the purpose of the ruling class should come as no surprise to any student of history. Remember the media lynching of Gary Webb after he published his account of the drug dealing side of the Iran Contra Affair? First it was a metaphorical lynching and then later, perhaps, a lynching in fact, though it was ruled a suicide. (He didn’t really hang himself. He shot himself in the head. Twice. I would’t put anything past those spooks.)

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