God Bless Dee Margo

Poor Dee Margo. He is completely out of touch.

Here’s a paragraph from his recent response to an open letter from Mayor Oscar Leeser:

Under Gonzalez’s fiscally prudent leadership, we have improved our downtown, opened new hotels and water parks throughout our city, and passed a 2019 Public Safety Bond for a Far East regional police command center, a new fire and police headquarters, new training facilities, all designed to keep us safe and reinforce El Paso as one of the safest cities in the nation.

Can you believe that former Mayor Dee Margo included the water parks in the same sentence he used the words “fiscally prudent leadership”?

There was nothing fiscally prudent about the four water parks, built at a cost of $72 million, and running multi-million dollar deficits every year. Even their new liquor licenses won’t save us.

If you’re trying to sell a blind horse, the first thing you tell the mark is what good eyesight the horse has.

We’ve been following the wrong path for years, and Mr. Margo is trying to tell us to stay the course.


  1. Don’t forget, how in his latest Propaganda Piece to the El Paso Times, he wrote how…”El Paso is a MAJOR PLAYER in our State and in our Nation! And with our Growth (more on that in a moment), we must elect representatives who reflect and recognize the best interests of our Borderplex….who understands we deserve transparency and good governing, and don’t make decisions based on political or personal reasons.” Incredible! This guy’s got some balls to: #1. Claim El Paso is a Major Player in Texas as well as the USA. Really? I would think that would be Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Frisco and Houston. And to say “with or Growth,”……WTF? El Paso only grew 4.5% from 2010 to 2020…while Texas grew 14.5% and San Antonio by 17%. In the last 2 to 3 years we are actually losing population. “We” must elect reps who reflect and recognize the best interests of our Borderplex.” Again, WTF? Margo is basically saying he wants El Pasoans to elect City Council members who support the top 1%, the Good Old Boys Network of Anglos (Foster, Hunts, etc) Then HE wants City Council members who have “transparency and good governing.” You mean, City Council members who rushed to give Tommy Gonzales his bloated Salary, the Highest in Texas? Or, how Tommy Gonzalez overrode Karla Nieman’s assurance, that should the Great Wolf Lodge fiasco would not go through, that the Foster-City of El Paso switch would NOT be fulfilled. And good governing? You already pointed out the $4.5 Million so far, Money Losing Water parks. And, the money losing Peter’s Trolley. Or, the Chihuahua ballpark that is not self sustaining. Only profitable due to the money siphoned off the city Hotel tax to keep it afloat? And, finally, the last piece of utter nonsense. “Electing cc reps who are not motivated by political or person reasons.” I guess Oklahoma Dee didn’t get the Memo. The reps who were elected had already announced their political agenda, and were appropriately rewarded. Those who were on the Dee Margo/Hunt/Foster bandwagon were defeated. Annalisa Silverstein is a Perfect Example. She lost to Brian Kennedy, 70% to her 30%. Apparently Margo is angry and bitter at the good citizens of El Paso. His lackeys for the “Good Old Boys” were defeated. That, and his loss to Oscar Leeser in the last Mayor’s race. 80% to 20%. Finally, Dee is NOT from Texas. Hell, he’s not even from El Paso. He just happened to marry his former boss’ daughter. I don’t appreciate his “lecturing us.” The days of the Anglo Elite “lecturing” the Hispanics is Long Gone.

    1. I was going to write something but you said it all for me. He was almost beaten in the primary by Ms. Carbajal, a newcomer, too. Dee is Old El Paso, not the new one.

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