Et Tu, Brute?

Well, it looks like Brutus over there at has gone dark.

His last post was May 17.

Brutus did a good job covering the shenanigans at the school districts, and sometimes he’d drift into city management. He was always civil, and that’s not easy facing the blunders and bullshit of local government around here.

Maybe he got the Covid. Maybe he’s avoiding the virus in a hideout without WiFi. Maybe he got tired. Blogging is pretty much thankless, and Brutus posted almost every day, something I’ve occasionally aspired to yet never achieved.

Thank you, Brutus. El Paso is a better place for all you did. Hope you’re well, and keep in touch.


  1. The still-breathing refugees from the old Paul Strelzin site used El Paso Speak to continue their hate rants against taxes and public education. Good riddance. Whoever was running the site lost control over its comment section a while back, refused to control the audience, and it became unreadable. as a blog, we lose nothing except a place for fossils to gather and complain. Refuse the Juice is also dead it appears.

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