EPISD’s New Superintendent

The El Paso Independent School District has a new Superintendent. From ElPasoMatters.com:

The El Paso Independent School District Board of Trustees on Wednesday approved a three-year contract with a $277,000 starting salary for incoming Superintendent Diana Sayavedra, its first woman in that position.

. . .

Her contract explicitly prohibits her from consulting, an aspect of [former Superintendent Juan] Cabrera’s amended contract that generated controversy and led, in part, to his November 2020 resignation. Her contract states that she “may not undertake consulting work or any other type of outside employment while employed by the District.”

During the final two years of his tenure, Cabrera was actively consulting for former Trustee Dori Fenenbock’s online school, as well as working for an education nonprofit, according to documents El Paso Matters obtained. His chief of staff, José López, was also involved in those ventures.

The contract also lacks the special benefits Cabrera was offered, including a $1,500 monthly car allowance and $1,200 monthly office allowance. Sayavedra’s $12,000 moving benefit is also far less than Cabrera’s $35,000 relocation stipend.

The district will only contribute to her Texas Teacher Retirement System plan. Cabrera received such a contribution, in addition to district-paid premiums on his disability and life insurance policies and contributions to his annuity account.

. . .

Cabrera was initially offered a $285,000 base salary in 2013. He had never been a school administrator.

At the time of his resignation, he was earning more than $500,000 in salary and benefits.

Women generally make less money than men because they pursue lower paying careers. Whereas men might take jobs as engineers, or doctors, or lawyers, women participate in the workforce as female engineers, or female doctors, or female lawyers.

I think Ben told me that joke.


  1. So because Cabrera managed to rake in an absurd salary we must offer the same amount to all future superintendants, especially women, so we aren’t accused of gender discrimination? There’s no doubt that women are victims of pay discrimination (I have personal examples in my own family) but if we cannot rectify the Cabrera craziness we will all suffer.

    1. Obviously you’re right. But I needed to get that joke in there.

      Let’s never forget that it was Dee Margo who was the President of the EPISD Board of Managers when Juan Cabrera’s contract was negotiated, and Dee Margo was Mayor of the City of El Paso when Tommy Gonzalez’ most recent contract was signed.

      Dee “Hold the Line of Taxes” Margo.

      1. And “First Lady” Adair Margo propagandizing for the “arena.” What would life be like without this family….have a great day El Richi!

  2. Your one liner is spot on, and it certainly needs to be addressed. That said, for too long El Paso Schools and the City have offered ridiculously high salaries to outsiders to come in and take jobs that local people could easily have done. We still would be better off without a City Manager and all the extra expenses that come with that position, but imho, it is obscene how much money we throw at outsiders to be Superintendents of our local school districts. Why can’t we ever promote from within, and why don’t these people realise the value of actual hands-on classroom teaching?

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