Election Night Viewing Party

First I’d like to thank everyone who brought me this far in this year’s election. Thank you to the donors, and supporters, and voters.

And everyone is invited to join me at Hope & Anchor election night to watch the results come in. We’ll all be tuned in to our cell phones, because Hope doesn’t have a teevee.

I reckon I’ll be at the polls till they close at 7. You are also welcome to join me there, or to wave a sign at whichever poll you choose, in one final push on election day. Anyhow, I’ll get to Hope sometime shortly after 7.

Please tell your friends and lovers and casual acquaintances to vote, and, most importantly, to vote for Rich Wright for their Representative from District 8. None of us want to hear anyone say, “Man, I wish I had voted.”

Again, thank you all.


    1. Personally, I believe in a woman’s right to choose, but I also believe that it’s not an issue that City Council needs to take a stance on.

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