“El Querreque”

Here’s a link to a audio interview that frequent El Chuqueño contributor Kent Paterson recorded for KUNM.

Vicente Bautista is an icon of Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco. Originally from the state of San Luis Potosí in Mexico’s Huasteca region, Bautista is popularly known as El Querreque which is also the name of a famous song. Now 94 years young, Bautista moved to Puerto Vallarta in the early 1960s and found work cooking in a hotel. He later opened his own restaurant, Las Tres Huastecas, which he continues to operate in the 21st century near Puerto Vallarta’s Los Muertos Beach.

Besides his culinary craftsmanship, Bautista became well known in Puerto Vallarta for his poems and musical skills performing huapangos and other traditional folk tunes. KUNM volunteer Kent Paterson interviewed a still energetic Bautista earlier this year, and he brought back some samples of El Querreque’s singing and violin playing. Produced by Kent Paterson with assistance from Marty Adamsmith and Jonathan Longcore. Have a listen.

Check it out.

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