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Those boys in blue cannot buy a break.

No, I’m not talking about the Cowboys.

Read this story from KVIA:

The mother of a 12-year-old girl allegedly raped at Parkland Middle School told ABC-7 her daughter had previously seen the alleged rapist hanging around the campus.

The mother, who ABC-7 is not identifying in order to protect the victim’s identity, said she went to pick up her daughter after practice, but could not find her. It was late, and no one knew where the girl was. When the girl eventually walked out of the locker room area, her mother instantly knew something was wrong. The girl wouldn’t talk and took an hour-long bath that night, her mother said.

. . .

El Paso Police Spokesman Sergeant Enrique Carrillo confirmed there is an open investigation regarding a rape at Parkland Middle School in Northeast El Paso. Police originally said it was a “possible rape.”

. . .

After meeting the the principal, the girl’s mother said she called El Paso Police eight times and it took them three to four days to respond to her call. She was allegedly told the detective assigned to the case had training for a week and would be in contact with her.

That’s right. The El Paso Police Department’s response to a 12-year-old getting raped?

“Hey, lemme get back to you.”

Let me remind you that the Police Department falls under the purview of the City Manager, who, in return, is supposed to answer to City Council.

But the splash parks are nice, right? And how about that trolley?


  1. Is it a shortage of police officers or mismanagement ?

    This is poor police work and whomever took the call plus supervisor should be reprimanded. That’s a horrific response. Can you imagine a Homocide or robbery in progress ? Sorry, they’re at lunch and a training session afterwards but the detectives aren’t feeling well so the guy that reassigns cases is using voicemail because he is on vacation but his replacement will screen and prioritize calls as soon as he gets back from a dental appointment.

    And we’re the safest city ? Sure crimes don’t get investigated so not on the books.

  2. When we get into a wreck, we are supposed to take care of it ourselves unless there is a serious injury. The excuse is because the police have to take care of more pressing issues. So a 12 year old getting raped is not a pressing issue. I wonder what is?

    Hey look, Dunkin Donuts changed its name to Dunkin!

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