El Paso’s Chief Debt Enabler Resigns, Takes Job in “Private Sector”

The City’s Chief Financial Officer and debt enabler has tendered her resignation, according to this article in El Paso’s English language daily. Apparently she’s taking a job in the private sector, where dreams really do come true. And the private sector can probably afford a higher quality of chicken entrails on which to base economic forecasts.

El Paso Times reporter Cindy Ramirez didn’t think it interesting enough (or news-worthy enough, or maybe Ms. Ramirez is uncomfortable asking personal questions), to ask which job in the private sector Carmen Arrieta-Candelaria was taking. I suspect that the job would look too much like a payoff for the Times’ liking. Payoffs appear to be a touchy subject for the Times.

Of course, that’s all just speculation, because reporter Cindy Ramirez didn’t think Arrieta-Candelaria’s new job was newsworthy. Or maybe that was an editorial decision. Occasionally the Times should work for its readers (and the City’s taxpayers) instead of exclusively its advertisers.

Another unusual facet to the story in the Times is that the comments appear to have been switched off. The Times sometimes does this for stories that are particularly contentious, or invite a lot of personal attacks or vitriol.

Here at El Chuqueño, we welcome comments, vitriol and all. Feel free.

Edit: The comments are back. Maybe they were there all along, and I couldn’t, for some mysterious internet reason, couldn’t access them.

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