El Paso, Covid Crossroads

True story.* We were driving back from Big Bend, and everyone else in the car was asleep. So I decided to stop at the Red Parrot and have a beer. When my wife woke up she was pissed off that she had to come in and get me. And then when we got back to the car the kids were crying. They really shouldn’t let unescorted women into strip clubs.

Last week the El Paso City Council voted against an ordinance that would close strip clubs in El Paso. From KTSM.com:

The vote to shut down strip bars ultimately failed. City Reps. Dr. Sam Morgan, Isabel Salcido, Claudia Rodriguez and Cissy Lizarraga voted against the item. [Mayor Dee] Margo broke the tie vote.

I haven’t been to a strip club in a long time, but I’m pretty sure that social distancing is not part of their business model.

Some local strip clubs are after-hours, BYOB operations, so they don’t have anything to fear from TABC enforcement.

I am not one to judge. I think that anyone who wants to go to a strip club, or work at a strip club, should have the right to do so. But I bet that if you wanted to catch the Covid, the VIP room in a strip club would be a pretty good place to try to catch it.

El Paso has big problems dealing with the pandemic.

Australia whipped their Coronavirus, but they’re an island and they can close their borders. Australia has universal health care, and the Work for the Dole.

El Paso, nope.

El Paso is a crossroads. El Paso is a way through. El Paso is an international city.

Juarez is a seething cauldron of Coronavirus. Poor. Densely populated.

But we really don’t know the extent of the pandemic in Juarez because they’re not doing any testing there. But we know that the Coronavirus is more likely to spread in communities that are poor and densely populated, so I’m just extrapolating.

So I suspect that the Coronavirus is migrating across the border, and I suspect the Coronavirus is traveling down I-10. We can’t throw a fence around El Paso. All we can do is wear a mask, wash our hands, limit in person social interactions, and stay home.

We could make all that mandatory, but that would hurt our government’s tax receipts.

You know, the Red Parrot is right across the street from a truck stop.

*Not really a true story.


  1. Funny story, even if it isn’t true (for you, personally). And, your implication that the Red Parrot is located where it is located? Obvious, ain’t it?

  2. I read that at one strip club in the Midwest, that one could drive up to an outside stage, with light and dancing pole. Sit and watch and tip the young (or old) lady with one of those long tongs that one uses to pick up leaves or sticks…..you could also use the long tongs to “cop a feel” for a small fee….not the same as your actual hands on a warm, semi naked body but better than watching naked women on the internet….Interesting that Cissy Lizarraga voted to keep strip clubs open….I believe she went to Loretto Academy with a bunch of nuns. I guess the nuns preached “tolerance.”

  3. After recalling meeting Robert Plant at the former club on Executive Center, this does have me thinking of the complexities of a pandemic on the border. There’s so many issues that most places don’t even need to consider.

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