El Herradero de Los Soto

It's worth looking for.
It’s worth looking for.
Somehow, the greatest places in Juarez have survived.

El Herradero de Los Soto is a steak joint on Hermanos Escobar, by the park. The filets are so tender you can cut them with your fork. Really.

Rumor holds that Los Soto own a meat-packing plant, and they reserve the best meat for their steakhouse.

You can pretend you deserve it.
You can pretend you deserve it.
I hadn’t been there in close to twenty years, probably. The kitchen is now more enclosed, and they’ve swapped out the butter for Country Crock. I miss the butter. You can really suck the fat out of that Mexican butter.

The internet reports that there’s another Herradero de Los Soto on Triunfo. It’s probably good, too, but I’m sticking with tradition.

The steaks come in two sizes. More than a pound, and a little less than half a pound. From personal experience, I can vouch that it’s possible to get too much of a good thing.

El Herradero is open from noon to ten most days. At least that’s what the waiter wiping down the doors told me today.


  1. Back before the drug wars scared us off we would go to the Papagayo down the street for an afternoon of fun BSing with the hostesses and end it with a steak at the Herradero. For us, the other restaurant on Triunfo was for breakfast and their awesome Cafe de la Olla!

    1. Yeah, El Papagayo is still right next door, with a front door and a back door. You never know then that will come in handy.

      I hear that Kika’s, on Yandell at Octavia, has some good Cafe de Olla. Go local.

  2. I was told of a restaurant in El Paso with the same name but I am unable to locate it or it’s phone #.

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