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I don’t understand the Facebook controversy.

Did anyone think that Facebook wasn’t selling your information? Did you think it was private?

Did Facebook sell it to the wrong people, or did the people Facebook sold it to sell it to the wrong people? Once you give it away, it’s not yours anymore.

And what’s the difference to you if Facebook has it or Cambridge Analytics has it? I guarantee you that Cambridge Analytics isn’t the only one. If you thought you could keep any secrets on Facebook, you’re painfully naive.

Did you not know that Facebook had to be a big data miner? I mean, “It’s free, and it always will be.” And yet it’s worth billions of dollars. How do you think they do that?

I think maybe Facebook is in trouble because the government thought they had a monopoly on data harvesting.

There are no secrets. We live in a post-privacy society.


  1. Yeah, I think they are in trouble also because the idiots in Congress would rather deal with nothingness like this than the very real problem of that son of a bitch in the white house.

  2. Hey, psychic rip off. Been thinking that but you said it better. Anyone who has run for president in the past 8 years has bought Facebook data but no one made an issue of it until now.

  3. It was the US Senate vs one US oligarch.

    When I heard one senator praise Zuckerberg for being some sort of magician and then proceeded to tell him that any regulations/legislation could not happen unless Zuckerberg and his 10 million dollars-worth of lobbying allowed his bills (senator’s) to pass, I was dumbfounded. Other Senators asked the oligarch for help to write regulations.

    Sometimes, very conveniently, Zuckerberg had a hard time understanding regulations; his concern was our democracy, our elections, Mexico’s elections, and elections everywhere else. With that he had them eating out of his hand.

    Maybe the Senate should look into the ‘fine print’ details of documents of other big business vultures.

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