El Chuco and The Rock

From InsideTheMagic.net:

Actor Dwayne Johnson is being sued in a massive $3 billion lawsuit, and the case just made progress in the courts.

. . .

Trenesha Biggers, also known as Rhaka Khan, is a former TNA and WWE star that is seeking $3 billion in a lawsuit that names multiple wrestlers, including The Rock, sports stars, businesses, and even the FBI. Her complaint, most of which is made up of those being sued, alleges that those named worked together in a conspiracy to kidnap her and her children.

Some others named in the lawsuit are, The State of Texas, The El Paso Child Protective Services, The Las Cruces, New Mexico Police Department, The NYPD, The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, New York ACS, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc., Shirley Police Department, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Suffolk County NY, Bank of America, Home Depot, and even the FBI.

. . .

Trenesha Biggers is currently on the El Paso Police Department’s wanted list, and back in 2019, was placed on El Paso’s most wanted fugitive list for child custody charges.

They say you’re known by the company you keep, and we’re in there with the Rock, baby.

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  1. Why hasn’t she sued Trump also, she’s named just about everyone she could think of. Get the feeling this will be thrown out before reaching trial.

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