Here’s the latest awareness from Homeland Security, via KVIA:

U.S. Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly said Friday that he told his Mexican counterpart the United States’ demand for drugs was responsible for much of the violence on both sides of the border.

Kelly spoke in a joint statement with Mexican Interior Secretary Miguel Angel Osorio Chong on the third and final day of his visit.

“I acknowledged to my counterpart that America’s insatiable appetite for drugs is the cause of much of the turmoil on both sides of the border,” Kelly said.

Also, water is wet.

Perhaps Mr. Kelly could also have acknowledged that the War on Drugs is a draconian failure, underlain by social and economic policies that exacerbate wealth and income inequalities.

Nah. That would undercut his bureaucracy’s goals, and future budget.

For world peace, smoke domestic.


  1. What no one ever says on this blog or any other in El Paso is that Mexico seems incapable of establishing any kind of economic system that make it possible for poor people to escape the cycle of poverty. That makes working in the drug industry the best choice for most poor people. Lets just say it’s a problem when a poor (and getting poorer country) is right next to a country full of idiots who like drugs. Canada is next door to the U.S. too but drugs are not their number one industry as in Mexico.

  2. Hey genius. Oil is their largest domestic product. And their weed is pathetic. Best to drive to durango. Grow up

  3. Blaming drug demand for violence is like blaming a woman’s vagina for rape. Just because someone wants something doesn’t mean someone else has to kill people to provide it. The whole “drug cartels are America’s fault” is a misnomer, because if that were strictly true the cartels would be American, not foreign. In America we have laws that prevent cartels where other countries do not. For example, the Medellin Cartel was never possible in the United States of America, it required a country with weak laws and weak politicians that would allow a murderous personality enough latitude to grow into what eventually consumed itself with violence. Show me a poor country that orders enough of anything to require a cartel to be formed. America is “guilty” of being rich enough to buy drugs, that isn’t the same thing as causing violence or asking for violence. You can blame violent people for violent acts. If it wer Americas fault for cartels then we should start giving drug addicts the death penalty, and I don’t hear anyone blaming them for the violence. It seems to me that the “blame” is going to law enforcement and government efforts to control the drug trade. Anyone who really thinks that doing drugs without restriction is so great already lives in Amsterdam, or should plan to do so.

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