Don’t Be complacent about Lost Dog

I know, it looks like the open space advocates have this one won. But don’t underestimate the Forces of Evil.

There are a lot of people sucking on the developers’ tit, and what makes sense for them doesn’t make sense for us. They might all show up at the polls.

Go vote. Vote today. Early voting is everywhere.

I think Lost Dog is the only item on the ballot in my neighborhood. Isn’t that a hoot.

Ouisa Davis nailed it in today’s Times:

El Pasoan Carol Brown, in a recent letter to the El Paso Times editor, put it well: “El Paso is a growing city that has always lagged behind other cities in ‘quality of life’ areas. … The more people in El Paso, the more open space areas we need for hiking, biking, dog walking, running, family walks with children, that is far away from the busy traffic streets. The Lost Dog Park/Trail area has been used for decades as an excellent area to enjoy the outdoors without having to climb a mountain.” This precious land is facing subdivision for additional housing and commercial development. Originally purchased by the city for water conservation in the 1950s, the sale of this land will impact our water resources and continue to encroach on the foothills of the Franklin Mountains. We owe the future residents of El Paso the view of our foothills and mountain vistas, free from unnecessary development. No pressing need for development or revenues from the sale of the property has been demonstrated by the city. This is merely another planned wasting of our local natural environment and resources to benefit real estate developers.

So get out there and vote.

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