Does He, or Doesn’t he?

There has been some speculation lately about Mayor Margo’s motives for endorsing some of his political positions. An ethics complaint implies that Mayor Margo may benefit financially from some of City Council’s decisions.

(You can read Mayor Margo’s reply, after he lawyered up, to the Ethics Commission here. Mayor Margo’s big excuse is that he really doesn’t do anything on City Council, except to vote to break a tie. But no one knows how he might influence discussions in Executive Session.)

Some of Mayor Margo’s positions don’t make any sense without ascribing a personal benefit to himself. Like building a $250 million arena in Duranguito. What’s if for, anyway? What is the benefit to the community?

Of course, Mayor Margo is a local guy. He supports local businesses. Perhaps it’s only natural that he invests in local businesses (which raises the specter of Insider Trading, but that’s something for the Security Exchange Commission to consider.)

So far Mayor Margo has been accused of using his office to benefit himself financially via his ownership of stock in the Borderplex Real Estate Investment Trust, the Hunt Companies Finance Trust, and the El Paso Electric Company, (here, in the comments).

And certainly the appearance of impropriety is not good for El Pasoans dissipating trust in local government.

Maybe Mayor Margo should donate profits made from those suspicious transactions to the El Paso Community Foundations’ fund for the victims of the recent shooting.

Or maybe he should release his tax returns. Or more properly disclose his stock holdings and transaction records.

We can always hope.


  1. Meanwhile, his voicing that he thinks it is his mayoral duty to welcome the chief instigator of hate to our City is a good example of how misplaced his loyalties are.

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