Districting Commission Meets Jan 12

Here’s a gentle reminder that the City’s Districting Commission meets today, January 12, at 4:00 in Council Chambers in City Hall. The call to the public is at 5:00.

There have been eight maps proposed to the commission. Here’s a link to them. You can navigate to each map by clicking on the dots on the left of the screen.

Remember, if we don’t pay attention to the districting process, City Council, which has the final say, will likely do whatever is politically expedient for them, which may not be best for us.


  1. Thanks for the link! In maps 1a, 1b, 3, and 4 my home would switch from District #2 to District #8. I think that Annello and Svarzbein are term-limited out at the next election, so my opinion of the switch won’t be based on my opinion of either of them. Is there any reason why I should prefer to stay in District #2 or prefer to switch to District #8?

  2. Rich, thank you for spreading the word on this important issue. Democracy is not a spectator sport. We will get a better government when more people pay attention.

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