by Max Grossman

Rep. Cassandra Hernandez purchased 35% of all gas purchased by the City Council and Mayor in 2022, and 40% of all gas purchased in the first four months of 2023.

Her husband Jeremy Jordan was caught pumping gas into his personal vehicle multiple times using her City-issued gas card, with Hernandez claiming that she cannot authenticate the videos of him doing so.

Moreover, numerous purchases were made with her gas card on two consecutive days, and in one instance on three consecutive days.

The alleged abuse of City gas cards has sparked an investigation by outside law enforcement and led to an ethics complaint against Hernandez that will be discussed by the City Ethics Review Commission on July 19.

Hernandez claims through her attorney that she “interchangeably uses [her and her husband’s] cars to conduct City business and incidentally to shuttle the couple’s five kids to various extracurricular obligations. Because the couple swaps vehicles frequently, Hernandez uses both vehicles to travel for City business, on a frequent basis.”

So let’s get this straight.

Hernandez and Jordan spent $8,275 on Hernandez’s City-issued gas card in only 16 months, enough to drive around the circumference of our planet twice, and we are expected to believe that Hernandez drove all those miles herself for official City business (including some incidental shuttling of her kids)?


A City expense report shows that Hernandez was in Vancouver, British Columbia on official business September 20-24, 2022.

Her husband Jeremy Jordan was apparently with her, since he posted the attached image of himself, smiling in Vancouver, to his Instagram on September 24, 2022.

Yet, incident report no. 23101073 from the El Paso Police Department establishes that Hernandez’s fuel card was used twice while she was in Vancouver.

Thus, a third person seems to have been using her gas card, besides herself and Jordan.

Will her attorney issue another statement, to explain this one as well?

Why does Hernandez need to fuel her car at taxpayer expense when she is 1,500 miles away from El Paso?

Will she ever apologize for treating us like we are stupid?


  1. Rep Hernandez is nothing but a liar. She has been caught time after time in lies. It is time for her to move on. Hasta la Vista, Baby. Maybe she can find a job in Midland, TX with her buddy Tommy Gonzalez.

  2. I watched the Entire 2 night episode with the Ethics Commission online. She DID admit that while in Canada, a friend of hers “probably” had filled her gas tank as, ” (in her words), when she is out of town, she usually jumps into her car–and drives straight to work. No apologies. No humility. No admission of guilt–even though she is on video declaring she is the ONLY one using the card. On top of that, stated multiple times how she leaves the gas card, with pin # on back of card, in her car. Including her valuables, such as purse and wallet. And, her husband, Jeremy Jordan, stated that she has lost her card 5 times in the last 5 years….She also said that she had no opportunity to “reconcile” her card. Apparently, not only her, but other members of City Council use their cards improperly, but are able to pay back the incorrect (incorrect) use of cards…WTF?!

  3. Apologies. I forgot to mention how her husband was testifying, under questioning, that while in Canada, there were multiple purchases on the gas card for very small increments….$4.53….$3.59….$5.23…odd numbered lots, which indicate purchases other than gas (snacks?)….under questioning, Jordan stated, that when he is in a rush, that he just buys enough to get to his destination–basically ONE gallon. However, he was on R&R (to use his words), while in Canada, and he’s ONLY buying 1 gallons worth? He had plenty of downtime (R&R) to fully fill up his wife’s gas tank. #1. What kind of conference was she at that requires attendance in a Foreign Country? And, why was she using a rental car roaming far away from Vancouver? And, I’ve been to British Columbia…it is a Very Large RURAL area. 364,764 miles….And, It is 1 and 1/2 times larger than the size of Texas….and he’s not filling up his gas tank? He also stated he didn’t know how much fuel his 2022 Tacoma holds or his wife’s Honda Odyssey fuel tank. Odd for a US Army soldier to not know a vehicle basic. How much gas does my fuel tank hold and how many miles to the gallon am I getting? Am I driving a gas hog? FYI Jeremy Jordan, your 2022 Tacoma gets 21 MPG in the City, and your wife’s Honda Odyssey gets 19.5 MPG in the City. And Jordan and Gassandra use PREMIUM Gasoline…ON the El Paso Taxpayer nickel? Que Huevos!

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