Día de San Ricardo

Today is the feast day of Saint Richard, or, as we say en español, el día de San Ricardo.

So how, perhaps you are wondering, is the proper way to commemorate this holiday?

I would suggest, if you know any one named Richard, or Rich, or El Richi Boy, you make a small donation to their website, via that PayPal link up there to the upper right.

Unless, of course, you are already a member of El Chuqueño, in which case I offer my most sincere gratitude.

(This might be a wonderful opportunity for you, too, to become a regular donor, of any amount, no matter how small.)

Thank you, and happy holiday.


  1. Hola and a Happy San Ricardo Day. Patron Saint of Coachmen! Your Blog now serves us as a mighty steed….keeping us aware of highway robbers and all around thieves—aka El Paso City Council and the Oligarchy!

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