Desponchadora Rapidito

In Mexico, the three biggest industries are petroleum, public corruption, and desponchadoras.

There are so many desponchadoras in Juarez that if you search for them on Google maps it looks like a measles outbreak. Some have infiltrated El Paso.

I lent Oleg my truck. God bless him.

The sidewall blew a leak. Is it Oleg’s fault? Absolutely not. Am I going to lend Oleg my truck ever again? Absolutely not.

So I took it down to Alameda. A half a mile from the free bridge, on Alameda, east of Copia, I found Rapidito.

My tire was wasted so I bought a new used tire for $25. They had it on my truck in less than five minutes.

I asked how much to fix a puncture. They told me six bucks. What do the gringos charge?

El Paso ‘ta chingon.

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  1. Unfortunately, most El Chuco tire repair places will no longer repair a side puncture, since it has become illegal. I remember, way back when, I had a slow leak, and was in Waterfill (although we called it Zaragoza). One of the many desponchadoras along the main drag quickly fixed my leak (yes, it was a side wall) with a plug, and never even had to take the tire off the car! Cost? Maybe a buck.

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