Debbie Nathan on the Dark Money Campaign

El Paso uber-journalist Debbie Nathan writes about the dark money campaign on

Today, it’s dark, dark money time in El Paso. The situation is possibly unlawful, certainly infuriating, and unprecedented in its lavishness, creepiness and secrecy.

Earlier today, nine incumbent and challenger candidates for mayor and City Council reps held a press conference to denounce apparent campaign material that has been blanketing the city but has no known author. (A tenth candidate signed the group statement of denunciation.)* The organizer, District 7 challenger Aaron Montes, said he would be going to the El Paso District Attorney’s office to ask for an investigation into the person or persons responsible for producing and spreading the secretive stuff. He also said he would inquire with the Texas Ethics Commission.

The anonymous material “treads against the work we’ve done to make our elections an open and fair process,” said incumbent rep Alexsandra Anello. It’s “an attack on democracy,” added mayoral candidate Veronica Carbajal. “Es incorrecto y posiblemente ilegal.” Mayoral challenger Carlos Gallinar denounced the dark-money material as “propaganda” and noted that “the public is smarter than these people give them credit.” Montes said he’d heard talk in the community that the culprits are Woody Hunt and Paul Foster. “If you truly believe in your message,” he said to whoever is responsble, then “own it.”

Read the whole piece at It’s worth the trip.

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