DavidK on the Local Democratic Primary

DavidK has an early analysis of the upcoming Escobar versus Fennenbock race for the Democrat nomination for Beto’s open Congressional seat here:

[Nobody at the national level] is going to throw money at a safe democratic seat primary. A democrat is a democrat is a democrat these days – it makes no sense to spend money picking one over another. Especially since the Ds have thrown more money at fewer races than they ever have before in history and lost them all. Right now the party and the PACs that operate at the direction of the party (yes, it’s illegal, but they all do it) are laser focused on vulnerable house seats – both R and D. They aren’t going to send money to the safest seat in the entire country to pick a kitty in a cat fight.

And here:

Party primaries are ideally just beauty contests. You may not know this, but each party has a federal and state platform and their candidates are pledged to carry that platform in its entirety. And if that’s the case, there’s no policy differences between one Republican running for a house seat and another Republican running for a house seat (same for Democrats). It should come down to picking which one will do better against the Democrat in the race… which one looks better (metaphorically) in the swimsuit part of the contest and answered “world peace” more convincingly.

DavidK has more interesting, informed, analyses over there at his RefusetheJuice blog.

Check it out.


  1. El, with all do respect, do you really want to give praise to the biggest lunatic in town? Just his recent post. “Tolbert is a good guy” (the title is nauseating enough) but his post on the that topic perfectly illustrates just how bat crap crazy ol’ Davey has become. A few examples are: ‘Tolbert was under the influence of an evil Jedi mind trick courtesy of Byrd,’ and Byrd is THE one who secretly runs the E.P. Times because she really runs half of the town and any day now, Shapliegh is going to be running the other half. That’s just a very small, brief example of the nuttiness that Dave has been writing on his blog during the past 700 years. The ONLY intelligent thing that the typical brain-dead El Pasoan has ever done was not vote for that clown. The only reason why he received 5 votes is because he voted for himself three times. The really sad thing about Davey is before he was delusional (screwy) enough to support the baseball stadium (his reasoning was was that we can trust Hunt – and we see where that has gotten us) he actually wasn’t all that nutty and irrational.

  2. Oh, alright. In the spirit of comradery, l will concede that you are quite correct. David K does have the same level of accuracy as a blind pig. Hey David, if you are reading this, you better watch out for those “Shapleigh Campers.” l hear that they have a new and improved secret decoder ring.

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