Curiouser and Curiouser

Isn’t it weird that self-professed Chicano political blogger Jaime Abeytia is in favor of evicting the abuelitas from Duranguito so the City can build an arena in that location?

You’d think he’d be against it. The arena doesn’t make sense on any level.

It got added to the ballot through fraud. It duplicates three other under-utilized facilities in the City. It costs $180 million we don’t have. It’s destroying an historic neighborhood. And it’s putting poor people out of their homes, so rich people can watch entertainment from luxury suites.

Those sound like things that a Democrat Chicano political blogger would be against.

But maybe Mr. Abeytia has a different agenda.

Remember when District 7 Representative Claudia Ordaz got hit with an Open Records Request and a bunch of politically compromising conversations between her and Mr. Abeytia were exposed?

DavidK did a good job exploring the issues on his RefusetheJuice blog.

And remember when Rep. Ordaz lit into El Paso County Historical Society Vice-Chairman Max Grossman during the meeting at which City Council announced its once and final decision to dispossess the residents of Duranguito? That was weird, too.

It looks like Rep. Ordaz has the red ass for Dr. Grossman.

And it looks like she’s been whispering in Mr. Abeytia’s ear.


  1. I.e., Vince and Claudia’s b*tch. In all fairness, like most professional political bloggers Mr. Lionstar will lie down with whoever tosses more gold coins his direction. Keep in mind that at one time he was former state rep Norma Chavez’s boy and not that not long ago, he was a big cheerleader for “rich white lady” (his actual words) and Gentrifier-in/chief City Rep Cortney Niland. He devoted long grammatucally-challenged write-ups singing their praises and defending their antics. At the last city election, even going so far as to say Niland had done more for the barrio than Chicano activists. Poor Honey Badger. As we all saw in those same low-class Ordaz texts, she should demand her money back.

  2. The powers that be eventually get to everyone in this town. Big money, by ELP standards anyway… big politics, again by ELP standards… the big democrat party machine. Eventually you can’t afford to piss people off.

  3. I don’t think it’s weird at all, this guy is basically after power by kissing ass to the rich. I know I met this dog face personally, so weird, no, very straight forward idiot, just check his profile on fb, smoking those cigars like a big dog. Sell out of la raza.

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