Cops Gone Wild!

I just came from a City Council meeting where I saw Jud Burgess get violently arrested.

Jud was upset after the Council voted 7-1 to combine the Mexican American Cultural Center with the downtown library.

Jud approached the City Manager’s desk, and Jud was vocal about his opinion to Council’s decision. He was loud. Not yelling, exactly, but he raised his voice.

A couple of cops came to escort him out of chambers.

One of the cops pushed him towards the door.

Jud stopped to talk the cops.

He put his hand on one of the cops shoulder, like, “hey, bro.”

That’s all a cop needs to scream “Assault on a peace officer.”

They shoved him out the door, and pinned him to a wall, a forearm on his throat.

Jud probably weighs a buck fifty. They had four cops on him. He wasn’t struggling.

Mayor Margo was giddy, grinning from where he stood near the dais.

Didn’t the cops know that Council Chambers was full of reporters, some with cameras?

I’m sure you’ll see it on the news at six, unless our teevee stations choose to suppress it. Maybe it’s already on Facebook.

You heard it here first, but you should ask you City Representative about it.


  1. I bet you’re right. Local media won’t mention it at all. Like, did you know that the Tram has been shut down, likely forever? Reported by the Herald Post.

  2. They were just waiting for an opportunity to arrest him. Unfortunately he took the bait.

    Contact my city jerk? They’re part of the nonsense !

  3. That Council is purchased. The ONLY leverage is the power of determined, informed voters.

  4. Abel it takes 2 to start an argument, scuffle, shouting match whatever I saw it different. Any time you lift your hand, arm, elbow to a police officer who is asking you to stay calm, you’re asking for trouble. Ding the bell sounds, guess what you’re under a rest!!! Bye Felicia till next time. Be objective #justsayin

  5. Jud was justifiably upset at the end of the meeting and expressed the outrage we were all feeling.

  6. Let’s keep in mind that Jud isn’t exactly a ‘pillar of mental stability’ and he does come across as a bit of an exhibitionist. He was just ticked off that we’re “only” spending 5 mill on the cultural center and not the 890 trillion that he would like us to spend. ln his warped mind, this translates to a vast majority of El Pasoans being GREATLY discriminated against, and also VICTIMIZED and TRAUMATIZED! l’m glad that loon didn’t get elected as my Rep. Yeah, l’m guessing that coming to a stop when a LEO wants you to keep moving and then placing your hand close to a LEO’s face isn’t the most intelligent thing a humanoid should do. Now having said that, l strongly believe that Jud has the right to speak out, even if that means that we’ll hear from him another 56 thousand times. He didn’t post anything on his Facebook page and l do hope he’s OK. Even though during my brief search for a current video l couldn’t find anything, l did find a video of Jud being escorted out of a meeting over 1.5 years ago which makes me doubt that there’s some big “conspiracy cover-up” going on.

    1. He didn’t post yesterday because he was in jail with a brief trip to the hospital to be checked after falling. He was back this morning, and I was glad to see his face, banged up though it was! Being mouthy is not a felony, although I’m sure Mayor Margo is perpetually offended by Jud’s comments and always looking for a chance to have the police pounce on him.

  7. They (cops) can also point a weapon at you for yelling at them. I’m shocked that the mayor was grinning over this incident. I always believed that public servants meant just that, not masters.

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