1. That is pretty ironic…but I’m still perplexed by your trolley conspiracy theory. After all, this is State money that would have gone to Dallas or Austin or Houston or San Antonio….the trolley/train people organized and got those state dollars back to be spent in EP instead of elsewhere. Funneling UTEP students to downtown on a fixed route should be a no brainer. Heck maybe you might get Juarez to kick back in some and invest also like the good ole days. Your argument is that most of the property is already owned on that fixed route…well maybe a couple of those Trost properties get purchased at a premium and become your next hipster “tap” like hang out. I’m just not seeing how this could be bad?

  2. It’s like giving somebody a puppy. A year later they’ve got a full grown dog that they have to take care of.

    I distrust any project supported by dubious claims. Like that the trolley is going to be an economic boon to El Paso.

    Suppose that properties are located on the route, and converted into prospering businesses. Where are those businesses’ customers coming from? Won’t they be coming from existing businesses? You’re not making a bigger pie. You’re just re-slicing it.

    Call it what it is. A $70 million art project, that’ll cost $2 million every year.

  3. Your argument would make sense in Columbus, New Mexico….which is where you would probably be the most happy. You could walk over the border to the town square that looks like El Paso/Juarez did 100 years ago…find you a new gatos tacos stand and be happy with no change.

    You ask where the customers are going to come from to support the new business…I’d counter with the growth of UTEP and the expansion into the Asarco property. More students, more attractions, more growth…Heck we have 4 million people across the border that are attracted to the Fountains at Farah…doesn’t seem to be affecting Cielo Vistas, or the other ones pie like they predicted it would. I don’t subscribe to your arguments simply because they are only correct in places like Columbus NM.

  4. If you think consumers are under-serviced in El Paso, then a trolley is not the answer. More retail outlets, regardless of the location, would handle that problem, and they would naturally arise as entrepreneurs saw the success of existing retailers and moved in.

    And I’m sure the four million people (sic?) across the border are just clamoring to come over and ride the trolley. Hell, Juarez is getting light rail. They don’t need your trolley.

    You make arguments but you don’t make sense.

  5. Rich…what if that trolley ultimately went back across the bridge to Juarez…and we got the strip back? How does that not make sense. The El Paso strip will be from UTEP to downtown. I’m amazed you don’t get it? You even used one of my own arguments to bolster your opinion. Maybe it’s you who doesn’t make any sense with your arguments. Satyre works only 10 percent of the time.

  6. You have a lot more faith in the motives and capabilities of government than I do. Maybe you haven’t been paying attention.

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