Community Forum on Education Feb12

  • Event:  Community Forum on Education
  • Date:    Saturday, February 12, 2022
  • Time:   10 AM to 1 PM
  • Place:  Jefferson/Silva High School: Cafeteria  (4700 Alameda 79905)
  • Zoom Meeting for those exercising precaution: 
  • Moderator:  Xavier Miranda (EPISD teacher/parent) 



  1. Thanks for the post Rich.

    We’re attending this forum at a time when our already fractured education system confronts daunting challenges from an authoritarian faction that seeks to ban books, censor curriculum, privatize schools, eviscerate the teaching ranks, disregard health and environmental authorities, and even subvert our democracy.

    Therefore, the purpose of this forum is to restore the bond between our community and public servants in order to identify and address the systemic failures that exploit our children. I believe we share a vision for equity, but we need to support each other in implementing community-based solutions. Our children depend on us to do right by them.

  2. I missed part of this…it would be helpful to know who’s being endorsed by whom as we move into the early voting for the primary election…thanks!

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