Can we get the members and board members of the Borderplex Alliance to co-sign on some of the bonds the City’s issuing? Not the Borderplex Alliance non-profit organization. The members and board members.

Maybe we can get the members of the El Paso Chamber of Commerce to back some paper for us, also. Let’s get them to put some skin in the game. Something a little more valuable than their “personal integrity”.

While we’re at it, let’s get our elected officials to put their money where they put our money. I mean, if all that money they’re spending is a good investment, you think that our elected “representatives” would want to get in on the action. After all, their pay is linked to the Median Household Income for the community.

Of course, the oligarchs would never consider throwing their own finances at the bottomless money pits they make us bankroll.

That’s the difference between capitalism and crony capitalism. Crony capitalism is welfare for the rich.

Once this fraying scheme unravels, those enthusiastic supporters of the swindles will give us their warm thoughts and best wishes.

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