Clunk Clunk

In a report that will surprise no one, informs us that the roads in El Paso are some of the worst in the nation.

Maybe the surprise is that there are ten other cities in the U.S. with roads worse than ours.

A joke making the rounds is that the cops in El Paso can’t tell if you’re driving drunk or just dodging the potholes. reports that because of poor road conditions, a vehicle operator in El Paso can expect to pay an extra $788 a year in vehicle maintenance. That’s like a tax that the City charges to benefit garages.


  1. I think it is interesting to note that we are listed as El Paso, TX-NM, don’t y’all? I’d say that certainly lends credence to the recent proposal by our friend, Steve Fischer, a local attorney and frequent “Texas Tribune” contributor. For those not aware, Steve has suggested that maybe it is time for El Paso to get a divorce from the State of Texas, and join up with New Mexico.

    1. Stop being so silly. EP has estranged itself from the rest of Texas at every opportunity. Why do you think that EP is on Mountain time and the whole rest of the state is Central? The feds gave EP a choice, and EP chose “Fuck you, fuck Texas, and fuck everybody else while we’re at it. We’re doing just fine out here by ourselves.”

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