City of Dust: Mystery Photos

by John Mulhouse

I was sent two vintage photos from unidentified locations by someone that wants to know where their forbears had been hanging out. Nobody on the City of Dust Facebook page has even hazarded a random guess as to where they were taken, which makes me think it’s more likely these are from El Paso.

Shown here are two shots that could be from the area of Las Cruces or, quite possibly, El Paso. Or they might be from farther north in New Mexico, near Socorro. A hint may be in the phone number (CO-272) on the sign outside J. I. Lowe Tailoring. Also included here is an ad for J. I. Lowe Tailoring Co. that indicates that there was a location in Las Cruces. I’ll let Julie, who sent these to City of Dust, say more:

“The tailor (J. I. Lowe) is my great grandfather. I have copies of newspaper clippings advertising his business, but it is unknown if this photo (with the horse-drawn wagon) was taken in Las Cruces or El Paso (or San Marcial, or Anthony, Rincon…).

“The photo of the two boys shows my grandfather and his younger brother (by 2 yrs). My grandfather remembers living in El Paso as a rambunctious youngster, but not Las Cruces. Although he did come to Cruces to visit family. I am pretty sure this photo is in El Paso. My grandfather was born in 1910, and he seems to look to be 9 -12 and his brother 8-10. Making this 1920-1922? Looks like they are wearing school uniforms, and the rock formation appears to be a fountain.”

Ok, if you think you know where these photos were taken, have an educated opinion, or even a wild guess, please let us know in the Comments!

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