City Council to Vote on Districting

City Council will meet in a Special Session this afternoon with only one item on the agenda:

Discussion and action on a Resolution adopting a districting plan which establishes new Council representative district boundaries based on the 2020 U.S. Census data, to become effective immediately, and dissolving the Districting Commission, as they have completed their duties in the redistricting process per City Charter.

“Discussion and action” makes it sound like they’re going to pull the trigger.

Last Monday, City Council “revised” three maps to dilute the social justice initiatives proposed by the Districting Commission. Like, in District 8, Segundo still gets lumped in with the west side, and Districts 3 and 7 still straddle the freeway.

For their faults, all the maps are improvement over previous districting maps, but the previous maps really sucked.

You can see the proposed maps here. The maps revised by City Council on Monday are the last three in the array. (Scroll down with the arrows on the left side of the page.)

To tell City Council what you think of their maps, follow the directions here.

If you show up in person, be careful you don’t get Jud Burgessed.

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  1. Rich, thanks for spreading the word. We need more people paying attention and participating in redistricting.
    What we REALLY need is a truly independent redistricting commission that makes the decision on the maps.

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