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This story by Elida Perez on reveals that 4 of the 5 candidates for the Democrat nomination for Sheriff have disciplinary records with their respective law enforcement agencies.

Two Democratic candidates for El Paso County sheriff received reprimands for using county stationery to buy rifle suppressors for personal use in a way that allowed them to evade federal waiting periods and taxes.

One of them also was reprimanded for having sex with the partner of a co-worker and falsifying pay records. Another faced multiple accusations of inappropriate conversations and touching with women co-workers.

El Paso Matters used public records laws to obtain the disciplinary records for each of the five Democratic candidates from their work at local law enforcement agencies. Three of the candidates with the longest law-enforcement careers – Robert “Bobby” Flores, Ryan Urrutia and Michael Gonzales – had the most extensive disciplinary records.

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  1. How disgusting to feature candidates like these. 🙁 And I, along with many others, received campaign
    text messages with pictures of Flores posing with an AK47. I wrote to him at his campaign website asking if he remembers the massacres of 8/3/2019 in El Paso and of children in Uvalde. No answer.

  2. Sorry, but this article seems to say that the reprimands received by Urrutia are just as bad as those to Flores…but if you read the descriptions carefully, it’s clear that is not the case. Five complaints resulting in three letters, the most recent apparently in 2012, not a screamingly bad record for several decades of work. He makes clear he took responsibility for all of the problems! And despite those reprimands, Sheriff Wiles endorsed him.

  3. I still remember that Flores was wearing his “Lets Go Brandon” t-shirt not too long ago…

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