Breaking News: The Ethics Commission Meets

Today at 1:30, the City Ethics Commission will meet in City Council Chambers to discuss the Ethics Complaint filed against Mayor Dee Margo by Stuart Blaugrand, Esq. I understand light snacks and cocktails will be served.

You can read Mr. Blaugrand’s complaint here. Mr. Blaugrand’s contention is that Mayor Margo made official decisions which could have benefited him personally without disclosing his interests.

And here’s Mayor Margo’s response, in which he claims that Mr. Blaugrand is just a big meanie.

You should read them because uploading them took a lot of effort on my part.

Speaking of which, if you one of the people who enjoys reading El Chuqueno who hasn’t, or doesn’t, donate some money to the cause, please take this opportunity to do so, so I can upgrade my kerosene powered computer.

Thank you.


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