Brain Drain, Jobs, and Quality of Life

Which improves your quality of life more? A good paying job, or ballparks, water parks, and and arenas?

Fiscal profligacy has driven up our taxes to the point that businesses won’t move here.

El Paso has the highest Industrial Property Tax rates and the third highest Commercial Property Tax rates in the country. And our taxes are only going up.

People need work. They’ll go where the jobs are. And that’s somewhere else.

Even with all the QOL projects, El Paso won’t have enough world-class amenities to lure the leisure class. We’re competing with Aspen, and Honolulu, and Boston. We can’t expect a lot of traffic from Fort Stockton and Casas Grandes.

Luring the leisure class seems to be the nut of our economic development plan.

It doesn’t take a genius to see that we’re on a race to the bottom. And we’re winning.


  1. And, winning doesn’t mean what you thought it meant. Worse, if I could figure out some place else to live, I imagine it would be very hard to sell our little house here. Who the hell wants to move here?

  2. People have been saying this for 40 years, and nothing changes. Something’s got to be done, but what?

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