Bikers Arrested, Y Que?

Did you see this story in the El Paso Times?

It’s the next chapter, and maybe the culmination, of a series of arrests that started in August, when three officers of the fraternal order Los Bandidos were discussing fashion accessories with a couple of Rotarians in front of the fine dining emporium Hot Chicks Wing House.

Some citizen invited the popo to intervene, and the Bandidos got popped, along with another guy a month later.

In August, El Paso police gang investigators arrested Bandidos chapter president Juan Martinez, 60; sergeant-at-arms James Heredia, 45; and secretary Thomas Decarlo, 32, on charges of engaging in organized criminal activity-aggravated robbery

Robert Farrell Grant III, 33, the sergeant-at-arms for the Brass Knuckle motorcycle club, was arrested in September.

And then this week seven more Harley aficionados were arrested.

I don’t think I’m giving away any secrets when I surmise that someone flipped.

I understand that’s frowned upon in certain circles.

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