1. l’m sure it’s just a coincidence that we no longer hear the pro stadium “geniuses” scream about what a great idea it was to build the stadium. Elrichiboy, your name was recently brought up on elpasospeak suggesting that you should run for CC. My offer still stands but if you don’t want to do it, l completely understand. l know that l don’t want to do it because l don’t want to put up with all of that nonsense.

    1. All of a sudden that idea sounds perfectly reasonable. Hey Richard, are you In Svarzbein’s district?

  2. Are these figures available on the City website? Where did the figures come from? This ought to be front page news, if El Paso had a real newspaper that is.

  3. Someone might send this to Mr. Fenton, whose attack piece on Max Grossman and Duranguito told us that “several hundred thousand El Pasoans would argue with” assertions that the ballpark was a “financial boondoggle for the record books.” The only reason they might argue is because they don’t know the facts.

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