Any Takers?

I’m trying to get up a team to play Washington State in the Sun Bowl next Friday.

If you’re down to play, please show up at the stadium at 8 a.m. The game starts at 10, but I’d like to go through some drills before kickoff, and we need to pick positions.

You need to bring your own pads. I don’t reckon we’ll have uniforms, so we’ll probably go shirts and skins, and Washington State will probably be shirts, because, you know, they’ve got shirts, but maybe we’ll win the coin toss.

Bare skin sliding on that turf is like going through a cheese grater. But no pain, no gain, am I right?

Also, cheerleaders. You cheerleaders shake the dust off your pompoms and meet us on the field.

After the game, maybe we can all chip in for a keg, and get some takeout from Chico’s.

Who’s in?

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