“An Intersection of Possibilities”

From the people who brought you the Glass Beach Study.

Here’s a nice video promoting El Paso, Las Cruces and Juarez.

Somehow it neglects to mention that all the good jobs are in Las Cruces, all the industry is in Juarez, and all the taxes are in El Paso.

Maybe all the people that are leaving El Paso are moving to Cruces?

Nope. Census Bureau estimates tell us that since 2012, Las Cruces has only grown 1.81 percent. Over six years.

U.S.Census Bureau Estimates

The video’s nice. But the emperor is still naked.


    1. Gee, why would that be? Oh yeah, no predatory property tax rates.

      Save me place. I’m on my way.

          1. Greg, you moron,

            As of 2018, the tax rate for the Town of Horizon was .491756 per $100 0f valuation.

            The tax rate for the City of El Paso was .843332 in 2018, but it’s went up for 2019. Horizon’s rate stayed flat.

            Source: City Property Tax Rates in El Paso County

            Hope this helps.

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