All The News They See Fit to Print

Maybe it’s malicious compliance.

Yesterday Dr. Max Grossman got another restraining to prevent the City of El Paso from demolishing the buildings in Duranguito.

Here’s the story posted on KVIA’s website yesterday:

An appeals court in Austin has suspended a permit that would allow the City of El Paso to demolish parts of the Duranguito neighborhood in Downtown El Paso.

The permit would have allowed the city to demolition any building within the proposed arena site.

And here’s the story as it appeared in the El Paso Times:

That’s right. No story in the El Paso Times.

Maybe the remaining writers want to avoid any story that might make the City look bad.

They don’t want to get Bob Moored.


  1. And, they obviously have third graders writing over at KVIA, don’t they? I mean, we wouldn’t want the city to demolition a building, would we?

  2. Yep but you should see the fawning stories about Vero Escobar and Beto O’Rourke. Why don’t they just call it the El Paso We Love Some Politicians Rag?

  3. *sigh* not chiming in one way or another, but once again:

    Check out this article from El Paso Times:

    Appeals court’s order temporarily bars El Paso from demolishing Duranguito buildings

    It helps the conspiracy theory when it’s not trivial to see that your basic premise is flawed.

    There was an article and it happened less than 24 hours after the news in question actually happened.

    1. That story wasn’t up when I posted my piece. And it wasn’t written by one of the local reporters. And 24 hours is practically a whole news cycle these days.

      And it’s not on the front page of the El Paso Times website (though it is on the News page).

      Though, to their credit, they did mention it.

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