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Back in 2009, El Paso Inc. ran an interview titled Q and A with Woody Hunt The Real Cost of Corruption. The interview was conducted by current El Paso Inc. editor Robert Gray. It’s an insightful perspective on Mr. Hunt’s thoughts about the effects of public corruption.

Google the article. Go ahead. I’ll wait. Hurry, before they fix it. I think you’ve got 90 days till Google indexes the site again.

If you google the whole title to an article, you’d expect the article to be the first result. I mean, that’s a lot of words to search for, right?

Here’s a screen shot of the search results that Google generated today:

And here’s the results from Bing, Microsoft’s search engine:

I found the article a couple of weeks ago, via Google. Since then, it’s been scrubbed from Google’s records.

The page is still there, on the internet. But, like stuff on the dark web, you can’t find it unless you know where to look.

Here’s a link to the article.

The interview itself is not incendiary, or incriminating. But the coverup is revealing.

You can erase a page from Google search results. Here’s a website that tells you how to do it. But it doesn’t happen all by itself. Your webpage doesn’t disappear from Google search results by accident. Someone has to make a conscious effort to scrub the results.

Ironic, isn’t it? That an article on fighting corruption gets disappeared from Google?

Makes you question the journalistic integrity of the El Paso Inc., n’cest pas?


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