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This just in: a new company will offer tours to our sister city this winter. Juarez Lowrider Tours is offering rides to the Kentucky Club in your tuck-and-roll fantasy chariot, according to this story at

“This is something we have been working on for while now,” said Juarez Low Rider Tours co-owner Rene Miedo, “my dad showed me the recent news in the paper that there were bus tours to Juarez starting up here in El Paso, so we thought the time was right to get our Low Rider Tours going, I mean, a bus is nice and all, but we found that a lot a folks want a tour of Mexico that is, well, more Mexican.”

How, you must be asking, can I sign up?

Tours will begin daily around five, five thirty and go over the free bridge and return sometime after midnight, or whatever time things die out at the Kentucky Club. The tours will cost twenty dollars for men, five dollars for women, children under five years old and women wearing white t-shirts are free. For more information or to schedule a tour tweet @JtownLowRiderTours_915.

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