All I Want is Good Government

That’s all I want. Government responsive to the needs of its citizens.

All its citizens. Not just the campaign donors. Not just the well-heeled. Not even just the ones who vote.

All its citizens.

I want a government that doesn’t lie to us. That doesn’t try to spin the truth. That doesn’t try to hoodwink or bamboozle or hornswoggle us.

I want a government that provides basic government services. Streets. Police. Even welfare for the less well off.

I don’t want a government that taxes the poor, and everyone else, to provide amenities for the leisure class in the name of economic development.

I don’t want a government that believes that lies are a legitimate form of communication. I don’t want a government that says whatever suits their purpose at the time, and then later recants, reframes, or denies that it ever said it.

Is that a lot to ask?

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  1. No, that is not too much to ask! You are right on! Really like what you wrote.

  2. And all l want are non mentally retarded citizens/voters to replace the stupid, fat, lazy ignorant and delusional idiots that currently make up the population for this town. l want citizens to have enough functioning brain matter to realize that if something sounds too good to be true or more accurately put, something that is presented in a very vague sort of way, you either don’t vote for it or you vote against it. l want the typical El Pasoan to stop pretending that they are being bilked as “tax payers.” Newsflash: paying $5 into the system (locally and nationally) and taking $8 out doesn’t make one a taxpayer but rather a leech.

    1. The plutocrats have found that they can circumvent the voters by co-opting the elected officials and staff. Why try to influence 20,000 voters when you can chat with 8 representatives over lunch?

      1. Despite the fact that we are having a small/medium sized disagreement on this issue, it’s because l continue to enjoy reading your blog that l’ll even spot you four Reps. ln other words, who are these 4+ Representatives who received zillions of $ from one of these evil, powerful plutos while digesting their Big Mac and fries? Which people from City staff? The Mayors after Wardy all turned out to be sleazy, low-life piles of caca, but how much $ did they receive during and after their time in office? Who are these Reps or former Reps that are now working big money, cushy jobs because they decided to play ball (pun intended?) with the plutos? During at least the last few years in the 915 blogasphere, someone plays the ‘blame the rich’ card without ever being specific or even semi specific, so if ANYONE can correct my ignorance, please do so. And no one has to worry because l’m not going to harp on this.

        1. That’s the beauty of the current system. They don’t (necessarily) promise cash. They monopolize the flow of information to convince the representatives that they’re doing the right thing. City staff and the plutocrats can lie to the representatives just like they lie to us. Or city staff can promise them support for projects in their district. (Ask Dr. Noe about that one.)

          Think of the money they save on bribes. (Not that much, I understand.) But think of the money they potentially save on lawyers.

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