Adios, David Jerome

From the El Paso Times:

David Jerome, who has been the El Paso Chamber’s chief executive officer for just over four years, is leaving to head the chamber of commerce in Hollywood, California, chamber officials announced Thursday.

. . .

“This was a difficult decision that I reached after much reflection with my family. It has been a privilege to work with this amazing group of people,” Jerome said in a statement. “It is because of the hard work and positive changes we have made as a team that I feel confident in accepting this new role.”

. . .

Jerome’s wife, Tracey Jerome, who is deputy city manager of quality of life, plans to remain in her job and her husband will commute between Hollywood and El Paso, a chamber spokesperson said.

I guess the war against the working class and small businesses isn’t going so good.

So David Jerome is moving to Hollywood, but his wife likes her job at the City of El Paso so much that she’s going to stay here, and he’s going to come home every weekend.


I bet she’s already floating her resume out there in La La Land.

Don’t forget to write.


  1. They are an exception as California is losing population to other states. The high cost of housing, the traffic and taxes are factors per Chapman University urbanist, Joel Kotkin. When they get to Boise, Boseman, Boulder, etc. it’s called “californication” because they advocate for the same policies that made their lives in the Golden State unlivable.

    We never learn.

  2. The good new is David is leaving; the bad news is Tracey is staying.

  3. JerryK…I’m not sure what your “idea” is of Californication. I remember you used to hang around the “Refuse the Juice” site all the time. I am a Native El Pasoan but went to college in CA, so have a different perspective. The reason people are leaving CA is that people can now work remotely and a primary driver is that people cannot afford the housing of CA….NOT the ideals or thoughts that made and STILL make California the “Golden State.” There are still 10 Million MORE people in CA than Texas. 98% of Venture Capitol money is still going to CA and not TX. California was and still is the cradle of the Silicon Valley. The reason those folks are re-locating or shifting sites, is that they don’t have to pay State Taxes, and therefore can afford to pay lower wages. They give their employees the option, move to Texas or find another job. Would you equate the quality of Life in Texas as the same as California? Corpus Christi better than La Jolla and San Diego ? Apple, Google, Intel, Hewlett Packard, Oracle, Facebook and Cisco? Texas’ homegrown are Dell and Ross Perot’s old company. Texas ‘wine’ industry…..where the grapes are all grown in Lubbock? Compared to Napa, Sonoma, Russian River and Santa Barbara. The Hollywood film industry compared to Austin? Ironically, the California “blonde” are descendants from the poor dirt farmers of Oklahoma, who moved to CA during the Dust Bowl. And, Hawaii is even more expensive than California. Its not because of “policies” that CA advocates for. Bottom line, it is a business decision and what one’s idea of Paradise is.

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