Adios, Club Quince

Reliable sources claim that the venerable Club Quince, the boutique bar under the Juan Gabriel mural in downtown Juarez, will have its last last call in the months to come.

The final day has been pegged as either the end of May or the middle of June. My money is on the end of May.

Club Quince opened in the seventies. The walls and ceiling are papered with old Playboy centerfolds. It’s a narrow bar that took its name from the fact that there was only room for fifteen bar stools in the joint. These days it boasts an official capacity of 21.

The liquor selection is extensive and eclectic. You can get genuine Cuban Havana Club rum at the Quince. You can also get a caguama of Carta. And several brands of tequila and artesanal Sotol. Something for everybody.

Rumor has it that another bar will open in its place and adjoining building. Maybe even a bar mall.

Stay tuned. I’ll keep you posted.

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