Actions, and sometimes even just expressing opinions, have consequences.

Not here. In Seattle. From the website

President of the Seattle Police Officers’ Guild Ron Smith says he will resign July 31 over a controversial statement he made on social media, KIRO 7 reports.

“I posted out of emotion,” Smith explained. The post was supposed to be in support of Dallas police and in support of Dallas police, he added. “It was blown out of proportion.”

The Seattle Police Officers’ Guild deleted its Facebook and Twitter accounts after a post regarding the Dallas shooting that left five officers dead drew criticism.

Well it must have awful, what he said, huh? What could it have been?

“Dallas PD and their officers are in our thoughts and prayers…. The hatred of law enforcement by a minority movement is disgusting… Heads in swivels brothers and sisters…

Why would the people in Seattle feel so strongly?

Last week, Seattle council member Tim Burgess said “sometimes the police union leadership are their own worst enemies,” The Stranger reports. “They fire off these statements and then take them down. It’s terrible, because it reflects an inner cycle of thinking that is very negative and disrespectful.”

However, Burgess also says that Seattle officers deserve respect. He wrote on his blog on July 8: “These officers deserve our respect and gratitude and, in the aftermath of last night’s terror, our encouragement and support. They also deserve to be held to a high standard of behavior. I believe strong support and robust accountability go hand in hand.”

But in El Paso, we’re tolerant. We have low standards. We settle.

Look at the morons (God bless them) we have elected to public office. Look at the string of unnecessary shoot-yourself-in-the-foot events the community has endured in the last several years. Look at all the unforced errors.

In perhaps the greatest irony of the twenty-first century, look at our recently departed city slogan, “It’s All Good.” If that doesn’t scream low standards, it’s self-referential shittiness does.

“We couldn’t come up with a real tag-line, but It’s All Good.”

Lord have mercy on us all.


  1. There you go again! Right on, cacheton! I was just up in Seattle a couple of weeks ago, and it was so refreshing to see and talk to so many people who can still think for themselves! Because of my attempts to point out that our local police chief erred with his recent statements, I was vilified, cussed at, and basically threatened by a host of loud mouth bullies. I have finally reached the point that I deleted my links to both channel 9 & channel 7’s web sites. I no longer want to read their news stories, because I feel compelled to post my reactions, and I always get slammed for thinking differently from a pack of bullies. They present no coherent or rational points, but rant on about gunz, and every other horrid thing espoused by the fear mongering far right.

    1. That’s the “Think Tank of Incestuous Thought” for you. Anyone who offers an opinion contrary from their own “enlighten opinions” gets pounced on with the same old tired insults.

      It wouldn’t be so bad if there was some wit or a touch of cleverness in their comments. But no, they pull out their “cheat sheets” and copy and paste, copy and paste.

      Carry on, John. I appreciate your comments, well written and clear.

    2. Pobrecito. I was waiting for your wise rebuttal to my points but all I hear is name calling. Enjoy your victimhood.

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