About Rich Wright

Even if you don’t know me, we may have met. District 8 is a small town, especially now that it’s been redisricted.

I have lived in El Paso for most of my sixty five years. I grew up in El Paso. I went to Bonham and MacArthur and Burges, back when that was the east side. In the 80s, I moved to the neighborhood that borders El Paso High.

I graduated from UTEP in 1981 with a Bachelors of Arts in Economics. I worked at El Paso Electric before I graduated, building econometric sales forecasting models. They offered me a job when I got my degree, but cubicles and three-piece suits weren’t who I was.

I tended bar at the Surf Club and La Union Station. Pelican’s. Erin’s. I may have passed a drink over the bar to you. The west side is a small town.

I opened Wildhare’s in1993. For ten years Wildhare’s was a venue for national touring bands. For ten years, we hosted all the best bands you never heard of.

For ten years, I was the guy that owned Wildhare’s.

I quit the bar business in 2003. The bar business is a young man’s game and in 2003 I was 46.

Since I quit the bar business, I’ve worked a lot of different jobs. I hustled tequila in Atlanta, and Houston, and Denver and some other cities. Destination cities. Big time cities. Sometimes I wrote freelance, sometimes under pseudonyms. I worked dirt, leading crews and driving front end loaders when a machine was idle.

These days I give history and culture walking tours of downtown Juarez. Check out the reviews on Yelp, or JuarezWalkingTour.com. I do heritage tourism up close and personal.

I’ve had lots of jobs, and lots of kinds of jobs, and I’ve owned small businesses. I know what it’s like to hustle to keep the lights on.

The internet isn’t deep enough for me to share all my experiences.

I’ve been married twice, and I have four kids. My youngest boys are 5 and 10. I also have a son who is 29 and a daughter 31. I’m still married to the mother of my two youngest sons. We’ve been together almost thirteen years. She is a blessing to me.

In 2012 I launched the website El Chuqueño (ElChuqueno.com). 2012 was the year that voters approved the Quality of Life bonds. And 2012 was the year that voters approved some kind of confused financing deal for the ballpark that some people are still mad about.

I don’t get mad anymore. Like Elvis Costello, now I try to be amused.

Since 2012, El Paso’s population has practically flatlined.

I’ve been paying a lot of attention to city government since 2012. My websites stats tells me that I’ve posted more than 250 articles about the arena in Duranguito. 16 about widening the freeway in downtown El Paso. 139 tagged with “Tommy Gonzalez”, the poor dear. Since 2012, El Chuqueño has published more than 3,000 articles, and there are almost 900 drafts that never saw the light of day.

I know that we as a city can’t spend our way to prosperity. I know that real estate speculation won’t build a city. Hotels and tourists don’t make a city. We need to invest in our citizens. We need to let them spend their own money improving their own quality of life, instead of squeezing more tax money from their bank accounts for glitzy vanity projects that only benefit a few El Pasoans.

And that’s why I’m running to be your representative on City Council. I’m running to give city government back to the citizens and the taxpayers. To change the way the City is run.

I’m not sure that I can lower property taxes, but I promise to try. I’m not going to quibble, or twist semantics. I’m not going to brag about lowering the property tax rate when the checks you write get bigger every year.

I’m asking for your vote so I can represent you on City Council.

Right for El Paso. Wright for District 8.

Vote for Rich Wright for District 8.

(This is a political announcement / advertisement., from Rich Wright).


  1. Way to Go Rich , good luck,You would certainly have my vote if I was still a Texas Resident!

  2. I said it before. I wish either Rich lived in my sorry district (5), so I could vote for him because at this point in our lives we cannot afford to move yet again (so that we’d be in his district).

  3. Great Job, Rich! I enjoyed knowing you and working with you when I
    lived in El Paso. I appreciate your perspective and humor – always have. If I lived there now, I’d vote for you. Good luck!
    Ty Mellon

  4. Congratulations Rich on your next venture…I wish you all the luck and experience in the world…..both my sons ERIK (rip) and Louie Estrada both think the world of you as I do….We wish you all the best and hope all your dreams come true….Barbara Estrada…..

    1. You have to put your name and an email address to comment. Those fields are marked with an “*”. But lots of people lie.

  5. You should add a link to your website at the end of the article. A little Call-To-Action (CTA) goes a long way.

    1. I’m only using El Chuqueño this time around. I figger why complicate things?

      1. Fair point but I’d encourage you to get a website for a few reasons. It’s easier for people to figure out how to donate. You can sum up your campaign platform in bullet points for anyone who hasn’t read El Chuqueño. And it’s easier for someone to find your website on Google that way. The oligarchs will be coming out in full force to back their candidate. So why put yourself at a disadvantage in any way?

        1. Thank you, Joel. I always appreciate your comments.

          But I think I’m reaching a lot of online El Pasoans already. And if they’ve come this far, they already know about El Chuqueño, so there’s that.

          Now I have to reach the voters who aren’t online every day.

          You can do a lot to spread the word. Tell your friends. Tell you neighbors. If they don’t live in District 8, they’re still more than welcome to donate to my campaign.

          We’ve got a good chance. I’m a substantial candidate with substantial ideas and a good idea of what’s going on in City Government. I’ll be a good City Representative.

          1. Thank you Rich. I always enjoy reading El Chuqueño. I have no doubt you are the best qualified candidate in the race and you certainly have my vote. I suspect that most donations, other than those from family and friends, come from online donations these days. I just don’t want to see you handicap yourself in any way. I saw that Joe Pickett has decided not to run for District 5. I’m not sure your feelings about him (I don’t know much about him myself) but I believe that virtually guarantees the oligarchs will have a puppet in that seat another four years. All the more reason we need you in District 8. Whatever you decide, you’ve got my support!

  6. Good Luck Rich…Sure wished I lived in your District or I would vote for you. The 2nd best thing was I just put a check in the mail…you should get it by Monday. I might have met you at the Surf Club because when I would come into town on business, I would go listen to Black Tie on a Thursday. Keep up the good work and hopefully the people of District 8 will find you as “Not Part of the Tommy Gonzalez Lemming/Herd/Sheeple” group. Though you might not always get feedback I very much appreciate your insight and columns. Again, Good Luck !

  7. Very well written Richard!! You have accomplished a ton since we ran in the college days! Your passion is contagious!! Wish i could vote for you.
    Good luck on the campaign, if you don’t win in a land slide call for an audit and accuse your opponents of stealing!!
    I will personally be there to storm the Capital building with all those other Burgess guys!!!
    I’d love to run into you and have a beer!!

    1. Orale! My friend, teammate and fellow Chuqueno, I’m happy to read this. I’ll spread the word.

  8. Wow! Jack Coulehan!!!! My first EVER kiss was Jack’s sister back in the day at a Cathedral Dance and Rod Crosby & The Intruders were playing. An incredible Beauty back then and still…… I’m with Jack. STOP the Steal if you don’t win….however, “Capital” is spelled with an O….but if he had stayed at Cathedral he would have learned that. Anywho….I will join in storming The Bastille and Tommy Gonzalez best not be manning the ramparts. We can use pitchforks or that scene out of the original “Frankenstein,” Torches and all. We will Demand a Recount.

  9. You look a little different than when we were in college, Rich, but that big smile remains. I hope it carries you to the mayor’s office. Good luck!

  10. Good luck, my friend! I wish I lived in your district.. what part of El Paso does District 8 cover? Also, I think you’d get the ‘youngest children’ award at our next Burges reunion.. lol

    1. District 8 runs from Segundo Barrio north to Redd Road and east to Copia and Piedras. It’s only slightly gerrymandered, and not nearly as gerrymandered as it has been for the last 30 or 40 years.

      Thank you, Donna. I hope life has been treating you well.

  11. Rich,
    city council would be amazing if it was full of people like you. You are one of the most genuine people I have ever met and I have no doubt that you will do an amazing job. You have my vote and my full support.

  12. You’re a good man Rich and I wish you success. Your heart is in the right place. Just don’t channel Cortney Niland or beat your dog and it can happen. I live in Dist#1 but if you can figure out a way for me to vote for you in #8, I will. God bless,

    Jerry Kurtyka

  13. Rich, I got your message, I tried to respond and say “You’re Very Welcome,” however I can’t call you or send a text. Odd, but Good Luck with your efforts!

  14. Rich, I’d like to say I’m impressed with your current ventures, but I’m not surprised. Since I first met you and worked for you I saw that you have an understanding of how things come together. I commend you on your outlook of how the quality of life should be and will always have the upmost respect for you. We need more people like you. Those that understand what’s needed for community growth. Keep on rockin in the free world!

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