A New Development in the Rail Yard Controversy

Here’s a twist. According to KVIA:

El Paso city Rep. Cortney Niland charged today that the Union Pacific Railroad is trying to bully the city.

She made the accusation after the Railroad claimed, in a recent article in the El Paso Times, it has not had any discussions with the city on the sale of a rail yard for a potential arena site.

Niland said the city has recorded calls and emails proving the city did reach out to Union Pacific.

. . .

Niland lashed out at the Railroad during the City Council meeting.

“But you ask yourself why in the world would they be telling the media not the truth? I can’t imagine. Is it because they want to force us back over here to have a conversation with them? So we will be forced to negotiate with them and shut down closures in our own districts that we all know none of our neighborhoods wants to happen? Did that maybe dawn on anyone? Because that it what’s happening,” Niland said.

That sentence construction makes it sound like Representative Niland learned English as a second language.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Spokesman Jeff Degraff said the Railroad has had no informal or formal discussions with the city concerning the arena. He said he doesn’t know why the city is insisting those conversations took place.

So, if they’ve got tapes and emails, let’s see ’em. Should be easy enough.


  1. She has to go. Seriously. It’s appalling that Segundo barrio is gerrymandered into her district. Everything south of Interstate 10 needs to be a separate district with representation that truly reflects the people.
    Call Harry, he might know a thing or ten about making it happen.

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