A License to Litter

Did you know that most dumpsters are on city property?

They’re in alleys, or that little strip of land between your property and the street. The City owns that. You’re responsible for taking care of it, but the City owns it.

Some dumpsters are in parking lots, on private property, but most dumpsters are on city property.

Do you think when the waste management guys made their pitch to the City they told them that the dumpsters would be overflowing and garbage would pile up in the alleys and streets and sidewalks?

Or do you suppose their presentation painted a picture of a pristine, freshly painted, dumpster with the lid closed, and no trash visible?

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  1. El Paso is extraordinarily Anal regarding Trash, and the conditions of Our deserts reflect it. Up here in Cloudcroft all the Dumpsters are open and free to everyone, including 5k tourists every weekend, and also if you have a lot of Garbage, there is a local Dump of sorts with huge roll offs and all you have to do is give your name, not your Water Bill, we do pay a nominal Village Fee , but this seems to cover the cost for everyone, including the Tourists., perhaps a City Garbage fee could accomplish the same thing.

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