A Decline in Democracy

Here’s a piece from America’s Quarterly that documents the deterioration of democracy in the Americas, including in the USA.

Globally and in the Americas, we are witnessing a rapid deterioration of democracy. Freedom House’s new Freedom in the World 2021 report shows the United States and El Salvador leading the decay among the Americas’ 35 countries, with 13 others following the same downward trend. But why is this happening? The short answer is that a combination of factors has slowly eroded freedoms throughout the region. Looking back at the trends over the last 15 years, every category Freedom House uses to evaluate political rights and civil liberties has shown rollbacks.

The COVID-19 pandemic, inequality and violence have all played significant roles in this decline.

We’re still way ahead of most of the Americas in most categories, but that doesn’t mean we should ignore it.

Read the whole story at Americas Quarterly.

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  1. America is still the greatest country in the United States. So suck it naysayers.

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