$315,394.54 in Campaign Donations

That’s how much Joe Pickett has in his campaign coffer for his run against incumbent Isabel Salcido for her seat on City Council. Rep. Salcido represents District 5 on El Paso’s east side.

You’ll remember that in her first term in office, Ms. Salcido approved almost half a billion dollars in Certificate of Obligation debt for Quality of Life projects.

And all you got was this lousy t-shirt. Oh, wait, your mom bought you that when she went to Vegas. Never mind.

Mr. Pickett got all that money from one campaign donor, the Joe C. Pickett Campaign. I guess Mr. Pickett had some extra money left over from his previous campaigns running for State Representative.

Ms. Salcido reports $34,492.75 in retained campaign contributions as of the last day of the reporting period. That’s a lot of money for a City Rep campaign. But if it comes down to money, Mr. Pickett has a 9 to one advantage.

Should be interesting. Given the disparity in their campaign coffers, I wonder how much more money Ms. Salcido’s supporters are likely to kick in.

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