We need to jump on this.

We’re missing an opportunity here.

Everyone I know has promised to leave the country after the next election if The Donald/Hillary/Bernie is elected.

El Paso should become a sanctuary city.

Americans already think El Paso is a foreign country. We should open El Paso consulates in major U.S. cities, and offer visas, for a nominal charge. Businessmen with money to invest could get into our accelerated citizenship program.

El Paso International Airport could get international flights. What a concept.

If Trump gets elected, we could get him to build the wall north of El Paso. He’d probably go along with that when he found out that El Paso is eighty percent Mexican anyway. And it’s likely that in this bastion of the Democrat Party, we can find enough El Pasoans to pay for the wall. It’s a win-win. Everybody’s happy.

I’m sure we can convince Americans that El Paso is just another banana republic. If we can get bananas.

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  1. Great idea! What the hey, I’m sure that City Council will push for a new HOT tax to pay for our portion of Drumpf’s wall, too! So, the win/win becomes a win/win/win! And, I really like the idea of international flights in and out of our international airport! Maybe instead of bananas, we could grow nopalitos?

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