The Long (and Painful) Goodbye

I’ve got this new theory that explains the machinations of City Government. Let me try it out on you.

I think the City Manager Tommy Gonzalez is trying to get fired. I posit that he hates El Paso, and wants to move back to be with his family near Dallas.

So he carefully crafts these absurd propositions (like the Great Wolf Lodge swindle) and engineers the full support of City Council. Then, when those glass pipe dreams eventually collapse under the weight of taxpayer-supported debt, City Council will have to fire him as a scapegoat.

Of course, the City will have to buy out the rest of his contract, because he’s been careful to get City Council’s blessing for everything that he’s done. What are the contractual provisions for Mr. Gonzalez’ early retirement? He’ll probably walk with close to a million dollars.

Tommy G doesn’t mind taking all of City Council, and the city itself, down with him.

What do you think? Does my theory sound plausible?


  1. Not being there it’s hard for me to gauge. But if he’s ready to walk, they should just cut their losses. The problem I see are the City has lost sight of its priorities and is slowly slipping backwards. New leadership is needed to serve the entire community.

  2. Good and sound theory. Of course, it could be that he’s really that stupid and believes all these things will make El Paso like (fill in the latest city name). In the end it makes no difference. City Council and the County Commissioners will do whatever they want. Vote them out? How? When you can get good people to run, the local establishment runs ads against them-accusing them of everything from genocide to bird buggery. Then raise umpteen millions for their anointed candidate. Honest folks find they cannot get campaign contributions and quietly fade away.

  3. It’s a good theory, and I’ll go ya one further. Maybe someone should introduce the idea that a return to a strong Mayoral form of city government would be beneficial to the citizens of El Paso, and then get that on a ballot. Ultimately, I would posit that such a move all by itself would save us millions per annum, and many more millions over the years, if it would bring an end to this incessant grabbing for a gold ring that doesn’t exist.

  4. You are probably right except that it may not be totally intentional – Tommy, along with most of our city government, displays a serendipitous combination of blissful unawareness, group entitlement, personal arrogance and fiscal stupidity.

  5. T-Rex may well have plans to move on (any vacant executive positions in Great Wolf?) but having a strong mayor form of government as a successful reform depends on not having guys like TweedleDee in that position….

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